SNDTTA Interclub Competition 2022


Our SUNS Div 1 team was crowned Champions after winning an exciting match last night by the barest of margins.

SUNS Assassins Vs Willougby Reds:
1st 2 singles - 1:1
1st doubles - 2:1
Next 2 singles - 3:2
2nd doubles - 3:3
Last 2 singles - 4:4
Last Doubles - 5:4 finally won the match and tournament by a score of 5, -4, -9, 8 & 11
What an exciting match!!!
We are now enlisting for next season's competition. Please contact Leong should you be interested.


Spring Season
The first match of the Spring season starts on 8th August 2022 Our Div 1 team, the SUNS Assassins is featured playing away at Macquarie University against the MacPirates

Follow our teams progress:
Div1 Assassins          Div1 Alpha
Div3 Cougars            Div3 Crocodiles         Div3 Cyclone

Div4 Dragons            Div5 Energy

Results for the Autumn Season
Div5 SUNS Energy will play in the final against a team from Nam Ho Table Tennis on Tuesday 9th August 2022. 

Div1 SUNS Assassins lost in the final to the team from Macquarie University, the MacDragon by the smallest of margins.

Our other teams Div2 SUNS Best, Div3 SUNS Cougars & Cyclone, Div4 SUNS Dragons were also-rans

Autumn Season
The competition started this week. Follow our teams progress on their teams' pages: 2022 Div1, Div2, Div 3, Div4, and Div 5

Team entries has closed on 20th Feb 2022. The draw is being finalized. Full details of the draw shall be posted soon. The competition is expected to begin the week of March 8th 2022, and completed in July

Competition By-Laws

Competition Information Sheet
All team players are expected to take full responsibility for turning up for their team’s matches according to the playing schedule handed out. If your captain does not hear from you, you are expected to turn up.
All away matches start at 7.30 pm unless otherwise indicated on the draw.
All Suns home matches on Fridays to commence 7.45 pm.
Please ensure your team arrives by 7.30 pm or earlier to help setting up the tables etc.
If a player cannot make it on one of the scheduled playing nights, he or she must ring the captain “in a timely manner” to enable sufficient time for organising a replacement. Be as fair as possible towards your fellow team members and avoid cancellations. Phone numbers are shown on the team sheet handed out.
In a 3 person team all players play 4 matches: 2 singles and 2 doubles with different partners. If a 4th player is available, he or she can play 3 doubles, with different partners, instead of the others playing 2 doubles.
In cases where a team cannot finish its matches in time, ie 10.45pm, a second table should be used to ensure all matches are finished. Unfinished matches by 10.45pm are to be forfeited and cost the home team a point for every match not played.
Umpiring is as much part of your team’s responsibility as playing, so please ensure everybody takes his or her turn. Be decisive and firm and do not accept arguments between players and make sure players serve correctly**. Penalty points apply after one warning.
Play should not be interrupted. Complaints may be directed in writing to the SNDTTA  after the match, but the umpire’s decision is final during the rubber.
You are encouraged to wear your Club shirt for both the home and away games.
The captain is responsible for filling out the score sheet in a proper (Full Names) and legible manner and duly signed when finalised by both captains. For home games the sheet may be left at the desk for mailing, but when winning an away game the score sheet should be mailed to the match recorder’s address shown on the playing schedule
Don’t forget, the dates shown on the match program are the commencing Mondays  of  each week. The playing nights of that week for each club are shown under “night” next to the teams participating.
 All players are asked and expected to help storing away the tables and other equipment at the end of a night’s play. Please always handle  equipment with care.
Finally, bats are not to be changed during a match unless broken and “Time Out” is only allowed when changing ends. Towelling is acceptable every 6 points.
** The correct serve: Tossed upwards, without spin, at least 16 cm from an open palm above the level of the playing surface and behind the end line of the table and shall not be hidden from the receiver at any time.

Fun Challenge 2024

Fun Challenge
Monday 24 June 2024

Details to follow

Our playing sessions on:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
9:30am to 12:30pm

and Friday Nights too,
7:30pm to 10:30pm

Handicap Contest
is held every Friday morning
(closed until further notice)

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2024 SUNS
Open Championships

Saturday 23 March 2024