28th Closed Club Championships 2020

The championships has been concluded
For results   Premier & Division 1

For results   Divisions 2 and 3

For results   Divisions 4 and 5

Note that the Championships below
has been rescheduled to
Saturday 23rd January 2021
Are you Ready?

Previous entries should be confirmed as per emails sent to all participants.

Is pleased to invite you to the

28thClosed Club Championships 2020

To be held at: Thornleigh Indoor Sports Stadium
(The Brickpit) 

Sunday, 29th November, 2020
(Note – Some matches will commence at 8.30 am)
(Open to new members: refer point 6 of tournament conditions page)
Entries with fees to be sent to:
Theo Morsink, President SUNSTTA
10 Lonsdale Ave, Berowra Heights, NSW 2082
(Cheques or money orders payable to SunsTTA
or enter by email to theo@suns.org.au and
direct deposit to Sunstta at Bendigo Bank   BSB 633 000 a/c 128906369 ).

Entries with payment must be received by

Wednesday 25th November 2020
Note: No Entries accepted on day of Tournament

$2.2K Prize Money & Trophies for winners and singles runners-up,
including free lunch. Kiosk open on request. 

COVID 19 Safety Rules Apply:
I.E. Hornsby Council QR registration, SUNS entry regulations, Sanitising and keeping Distance as well as cleaning equipment.


Entry Form

Download Entry Form
Please accept my entry for the following events:

Singles Event              Fee (Refer item 16 for strict Div’n RC limits)  $Amount

Premier                                     $25                                                        ....................
Div.1                                          $25                                                        ....................
Div.2                                          $25                                                        ....................
Div. 3                                         $25                                                        ....................
Div. 4                                         $25                                                        ....................
Div. 5 (incl. ungraded jnrs)        $20                                                        ....................
Combined Doubles 
For each doubles Event One player must be of the lower grade.

Premier & Div1 (Combined)      $15               ....................  ....................  .................
Div.2 & 3 (Combined)                $15               ....................  ....................  .................
Div. 4/5/Jnrs &Novices (comb)  $10               ....................  ....................  .................

Non Suns members should add $15 (2020/21 m/s fee, refer item 6)        .................
(Refer item 17 for RC doubles limits)

‚ÄčTotal Payment                                                                           $ ..............................

Prize Money
Grade       Winner     Runner up
Premier      $300          $150
Div.1          $250          $125
Div.2          $200           $100
Div.3          $150           $75
Div.4          $100           $50
Div.5           $50            $25  
Doubles Winners will be awarded $150 each for Premier/D1, $100 D2/3, $50 D4/5.

  • Due to time constraints, players may only enter 2 Singles and 1 Doubles event.
  • Players must enter events based on their personal grading regardless of their team’s competition grading, or in grades above this. Refer to the last Ratings Central 2020 grading points list as shown on the SNDTTA website and please enter below. Entries will be checked accordingly.
  • Even though a doubles partner is nominated, separate signed entry forms must be received for each player. (Please confirm with your partner before submitting your entry form to avoid duplicated nominations)
  • Players may only enter in one event per timeslot and must be registered Suns Club members or Join.

I agree to abide by the Tournament Conditions and decisions of the Committee.

Name in Full                                                         Latest Ratings Central Points…………

Please indicate if interested to join a SUNS team in the 2021 SNDTTA comp:. Yes/No




SUNS 28th Closed Club Championship

Sunday 29th November 2020

8.30 am                             Div.2 Singles
                                          Div.4 Singles
9.30 am                             Div. 1 Singles
                                          Div. 3 Singles
                                          Div. 5 Singles
10.30 am                          Premier Singles
                                        Commencement of play offs where possible
11.30 am                         Premier & Div.1 combined doubles
                                        Div. 2 & 3 Combined Doubles
                                       Div. 4 & 5 (Incl. Jnrs & Novices) Combined Doubles.
12.30 pm                        Lunchbreak: traditional FOC pizzas. Kiosk will be open.
1.00 pm                          Continue commencement of play-offs for all divisions
2.00 pm                         Finals followed by presentations and photos.
Once the Round Robins have been played (likely to be completed by the early afternoon) the tournament committee will schedule in the semi finals and finals where possible and in conjunction with the players
Entries must be received by Wednesday 25th November 2020 at the latest.
The above times are indicative only, and the committee reserves the right to alter the times to suit the situation on the day in conjunction with the players involved.
• If numbers are sufficient, round robin pools of 3 players will be played in the first round.
• If there are less than 3 entries for any singles event (or 3 pairs in doubles), the committee reserves the right to cancel that event and refund entry fees. Alternatively the option to play up a grade will be given, if available. Affected players will be advised.
The SUNS final Friday for 2020 will be 4 December and we will start again on Friday 5 February 2021. If you would like to play for Suns in the 2021 Autumn Competition, please let us know on the entry form.
The EOY Seniors Challenge will be held on the last Monday morning 7 Dec. 2020, followed by our traditional Year-end Luncheon and presentation.
The last 2020 Wednesday play will be on the 9th December.
At this stage we intend to start in 2021 Monday 18 and Wednesday 20 January, Please note: There is no table tennis on Wednesday 25 November as the Brickpit is fully booked for a schools basketball tournament.   



Tournament Conditions

  1. No food or drink is to be taken into the main playing area.
  2. The Tournament Committee will have sole management of the championships, which will be played under the rules and regulations of the SNDTTA.
  3. Unless a specific local ruling has been given, TTNSW rules will apply.
  4. White 3* Double Fish balls will be used for the tournament. Therefore no predominant white clothing is acceptable.
  5. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to cancel or combine an event if there are insufficient entries.
  6. Note that unless players are already registered as paid SUNS members in 2020, a special fee of $15 is required for insurance purposes. This charge will also cover your 2021 membership. False or misleading information on an entry form shall leave the player liable to disqualification from subsequent events.
  7. All players will be required to umpire at least one match for each event entered. Failure to umpire when called upon to do so may lead to disqualification from subsequent events.
  8. In the case of a doubles player being unavailable, replacements may be allowed, subject to the approval of the Tournament Committee. No substitution will be allowed after the pair has played one match in the event.
  9. The scoring system will be as in the SNDTTA competition, where each game is to 11 points. All singles and doubles matches will be best of five games.
  10. No entry form will be accepted unless accompanied by the entry fee.
  11. The entry form must be signed by the player to signify acceptance of all conditions.
  12. It is the responsibility of the winner of each match to ensure the scorecard is correctly completed and returned to the control desk. Mistakes discovered after the next match has been played will not be corrected.
  13. Players are ineligible to play in a grade below their personal RC grading.
  14. Players not in attendance when called to play will face immediate disqualification from that event.
  15. All entrants compete at their own risk. By participating, players consent to his/her photo/video being taken for media publication.
  16. Divisional Ratings Central ranking limits:
    Premier >1550, Div.1 1400 to 1550, Div.2 1250 to 1400 Div.3 1000 to 1250, Div.4 800 to 1000 and Div.5 <800.
  17. In Combined Doubles
    Div.2 &3 the RC total must not exceed 2650. In div.4/5/Jnrs the RC limit is 1800 points
  18. Strict Covid 19 Safety rules as issued by the NSW Govt and the Hornsby Council apply.

Fun Challenge 2024

Fun Challenge plus Social Lunch
Monday 24 June 2024

9:15am to 3:00pm
$15 per entry
10 doubles matches per player
360 prizes to be won
9 course social lunch at Lee Central Restaurant, Thornleigh

FUN & casual competition Day
Getting-to-know-you Day

Closing date for registration 10th June 2024


Our playing sessions on:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
9:30am to 12:30pm

and Friday Nights too,
7:30pm to 10:30pm

Handicap Contest
is held every Friday morning
(closed until further notice)

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2024 SUNS
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